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Would nuclear weapons really destroy an alien mothership?

Asked by: BigMikeC
  • The Heat Is Enough

    When The bomb initially detonates, the heat produced is enough to vaporise anything in the universe (except from Black holes and possibly neutron stars) . The temperature in the core of a star is roughly 15,000,000 Degrees Celcius. This is where fusion can start. The temperature of the flash of a thermo-nuclear bomb is 100,000,000 degrees celcius. Anything that aliens can do to protect themselves would be vaporised instantly. During the flash of a thermo-nuclear bomb, elements up to iron would fuse to make new elements, giving extra energy to the surroundings. Not enough? The Radiation given off after the explosion would kill any living thing. Moreover, there is the force of the explosion which could potentially blow apart the ship if it is detonated inside the ship.

  • All in the heat

    Whatever this mothership is made of it has to be able to withstand the heat during the hottest part of a space flight: re-entry. During re-entry, spacecraft experience temperatures of around 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, let's look at the heat of a nuclear bomb. The heat of a bomb is different depending on the type of bomb and the radioactive material used, but assuming we get a direct hit (which shouldn't be too hard given the size of the mothership), it would be hit by a MINIMUM of 50,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit! Whatever materials the ship is made of, they would never be made to withstand that level of heat. To put it into perspective, the Sun is only 3,500,000 degrees Fahrenheit. No way would any aliens build a ship that could fly through a sun, let alone something with over 10 times the heat. The exterior of the ship would melt, possibly vaporises, and given our experiences with holes being made in spacecraft while in space, the aliens could never even hope to survive being hit.

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  • No way in hell

    Though I do hope that if we ever meet aliens they will be friendly I can't truthfully say we could beat them with the weapons mankind has to day. Reason one being out in space there are forces out there just as if not more powerful then a nuclear warhead and so preparations against said anomalies would be taken. Second to be able to travel across the stars would require advanced technology far beyond our own. And on top of that we don't have the master cheif to help us. So ya we would loose the war sorry.

  • Nukes are not Real so can't do any damage

    Nuclear weapons are a hoax, if they existed America would have captured video footage of the bombs dropping on Japan and then exploding instead of a plane dropping a bomb and cutting straight to after the explosion. It was a historic event, one of the bombs was even untested, also two bombs fell on Japan and on different days, there was no resistance even though the Japanese had fighters and detected the bomber on radar. The only thing that was captured was the explosion afterwards, and no reason given for it.

    Nukes can't destroy anything in real life, only on television.

  • They would have directed energy weapons advanced shielding directed energy weapons and artificial intelligence faster than light drives

    Lot of alien races in modern science fiction and fantasy have these Star Wars Star wars Star Trek StarGate Warhammer 40,000 independence day Resurgence and many more and they would like have many thousands if not more warships that even the smallest ones could ultra massive black holes to shame with little to on work form them

  • No they would not

    Alien mother ships have better shielding technology then us so there would be able to survive a nuclear attack. Its logic. Its logic . Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .Its logic .

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