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  • Yes, Kids should get the opportunity to take a nap in school

    Kids should just get the chance to unwind a little, And nap time is a great way to enforce that. If students have a scheduled nap time, They can gain enough rest to finish off the rest of the school day, Or even make up sleep they lost from doing homework. I think a sleep period would be appropriate at school for children.

  • ^We need naps>

    It gives them more energy, And might improve grades and test scores. They might be able to focus more in class, And concentrate more then they do when they did not sleep. Some might be more enthusiastic when it comes to learning. It also gives the teachers a period for them to rest after a hectic morning. Normally students don't sleep very early, So if we have a period for sleeping, It will also help us grow and develop.

  • Yes they should

    Students have to get up so early in the morning which is very difficult. A teen need to be able to sleep but the brain does not start making melatonin until about 10 or 11 pm then they have to be up by say 6-8 am which isn't enough sleep. They need more time to be able to rest. I would suggest pushing school start times back but I guess this is the next best thing.

  • As a 7th grader myself, I can say that over the coarse of the day, I get tired and stressed.

    I'm in seventh grade, And I strongly agree with this. Having a 'Nap Time' again would be beneficial to us students and would allow us to work better, As we'd have more energy. Maybe they could even just make it a class period during the day where we all can just pull out our phones and relax.

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  • No, They should not

    School lasts the same time as a normal job does. You do not get to sleep at work, So sleeping at school would just teach bad sleeping habits. Sleeping can also make you more tired if not done for the correct amount of time. I think schools should definitely stray away from starting too early. 8:30 am is usually a good time to allow students to get a good amount of sleep the night before. My school starts at 7:30 am, Which is WAY too early according to everyone here. We do have a coffee shop but it's way overpriced. So instead of sleeping periods, Let's advocate for humane starting times and provide moderately priced caffeine beverages.

  • School isn't a place for students to nap.

    If it was, Then it would defeat the purpose of coming to school - to learn. If a student is tired because he / she didn't sleep well last night, Teachers shouldn't have to make an exception just because one of their students couldn't take care of themselves or procrastinated to the point of them not being able to get sufficient rest.

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  • Got to bed earlier if you have too

    You don't getting sleeping periods at work let alone if you get use to it now life would just be difficult. If its that bad go to bed earlier. Because you need education unless you just want to be homeless. But that is your option. Just think about it. There you go.

  • I would feel lazier than I already am if given the chance to sleep in school.

    Although sleeping after you study will help you retain more information (https://www. Good. Is/articles/if-you-sleep-after-you-study-you-ll-remember-more), We do not know if this is the case for the "just-woke-up-the-sleeping-period-is-done-now-i-have-to-study-again" type of thing. This can lead to some students feeling groggy.

    What I propose is shorter class hours OR for students to have the option to opt out a minor class (we don't have this option in my school).

  • Then you are missing out on important learning.

    If you are missing out on that learning, You won't be able to get the information you need. If you really need that much sleep, You are not getting enough sleep at home. You need 8-10 hours of sleep if you have a growing body. Agree with me! Ha Ha

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