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  • Bentleys are the best

    I would definitely buy a Bentley Grand Convertible , I love their breathtaking looks. Bentleys are the best cars ever made. They're luxurious fast and unique. Also bentley through the last decade have proven that they are the best company as they try to innovate they're cars in every way, they even open a customization sector where you can built your own car with your own classifications. Which makes you have a one of a kind car.
    So definitely i would buy a Bentley Grand Convertible if it was within my budget.

  • I love Bentley's

    I would definitely buy a Bentley Grand Convertible if it was within my budget to do so, I love their classic lines and breathtaking looks. The newer Bentley's even have the performance to match the great looks. It is an unnecessary luxury but I would still love to have a Bentley convertible.

  • I would not buy a Bentley Grand Convertible.

    I would not buy a Bentley Grand Convertible if I had the money to purchase one. I prefer automobiles that are useful to a family. I additionally would rather spend my extra money on travel or special gifts for the family. A Bentley Grand Convertible is a luxury for those with more money than they can spend.

  • No, I would not buy a Bentley Grand Convertible if I could afford it

    No, I feel like purchasing something as extravagant as a Bentley Grand Convertible is definitely not my style. I would feel like kind of a jerk driving it around to be honest. It seems like such a luxury to me. If I had that kind of money, I would probably put it in a bank and spend it cautiously, not spend it on a luxury vehicle.

  • No, I will not buy Bentley Grand Convertible even if I have the money.

    I feel buying an expensive car is total waste of money. The purpose of buying a car is just transportation which one can do with any car. Instead of spending huge chunks of money on a car I will rather invest those money somewhere else which will be beneficial for my future. Coming from a middle class family buying an expensive car will be a huge financial mistake since I need to pay car insurance and the maintenance fees as well which will cost me a huge amount of money.

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