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Would you wear an engagement ring that featured a stone other than a diamond?

  • Diamonds are expensive!

    And an engagement ring would only be temporary since you'll have the wedding ring to wear for the rest of your life. I'd rather have that big sparkly rock on my finger for the rest of my life then put it on something I'll probably lose. Then again I'm not even sure if I want a diamond, I may just get a sapphire, I really like that one!

  • I would prefer not to have a diamond.

    The value of diamonds can be attributed mainly to De Beers mining and buying off most of the world's supply in the past century, and he was determined to convince American women that they were valuable and a must. They only became mainstream for engagement rings in the 20th century. I do not personally find them to be all that special, and would much prefer Opal or Emerald, two beautiful gems that have personal meaning to me.

  • I bought one for my fiance.

    My fiance is far from a traditional person. She actually told me that she wouldn't want a diamond centered ring. I bought her a custom Morganite centerstone ring with a 1ct total weight diamond halo and diamonds around the band. It is two-toned metal (rose gold on halo and white gold on band). She said that it was better than she could have imagined and loves more than anything she had looked up herself, especially since it was custom made from ME to HER. Plus she will never see another one like it on any other girl's hand or in any store.

  • Yes, engagement rings should be a personal symbol of love

    Yes, I would wear an engagement ring that featured a stone other than a diamond because engagement rings should be a highly personal symbol of love. If there is a specific stone, other than a diamond, that is special to my partner and I, then I believe it is completely fine to feature that stone in the engagement ring.

  • Yes, I would wear an engagement ring with a stone other than a diamond

    Everyone knows that diamonds are forever but I think that gems show off a woman's uniqueness. Celebrities these days wear a variety of stones in different colors and I think this trend can easily be spread to the masses. Each engagement is unique and therefore each stone that shows your love for a woman can also be unique.

  • No, I would not wear an engagement ring that featured a stone other than a diamond.

    No, I would not wear an engagement ring that featured a stone other than a diamond. The diamond has been a symbol of love for many generations. I believe that this tradition should stay in place, and no other stone should take its place. I would however wear a wedding ring with stones other than diamonds.

  • Diamonds are traditional

    And why would you want to mess with tradition? Diamonds are the best things in the world, and should be featured on a ring. There are other ways a woman can be "unique" or whatever besides messing with a good tradition. What other reason would you not want a diamond ring?

  • Wedding Rings Are Supposed to Feature Diamonds

    I disagree with this statement because I believe wedding rings are supposed to have diamonds. It doesn't matter what color the diamonds are, but the right wedding ring will have a diamond on it. Not a stone. I think that flexibility can come in the type of band you have on a wedding ring though!

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