• Its really fake

    I can't believe people watch this. I actually really liked WWE and I would watch every Monday Night Raw and every Smackdown, But soon I realized what I was watching was totally fake. First off, Who would think it's a good idea to really allow people knocking each other upside the head and hitting each other with metal chairs- it just doesn't come to me. Second, I've seen clips of WWE superstars missing their punches on accident, And the person they are punching reacts like they got punched, Yet not contact was done. But I do have to give this to WWE: Thanks for keeping me entertained for 9 months.

  • WWE is fake

    Wrestling is very fake because when fighting if some one
    want to punch some one else they will stump their feet
    on the ground as if they punch some one i5 hundred percent
    Fake don't believe wrestling if you give some one day the person
    is suppose to die. #fake

  • I assume you mean professional wrestling?

    "Fake" is a poor word choice - here's why: Professional wrestling is a scripted but loosely choreographed arrangement of athletic maneuvers in and out of a customized wrestling ring. While the outcome is known to the wrestlers and referees, The moves to be performed in and out of the ring are decided in advance and part on-the-fly work by the wrestlers themselves. It's physical improv. Each type of wrestling move carries a certain amount of risk - both for the person performing the move and person receiving it. Wrestlers get hurt all the time (some seriously). At the WWE level, The male wrestlers are often the size of NFL players, And the speeds at which they are trying to successfully pull off their moves is pretty astonishing. Up close, The punches are obviously pulled (hence the timing of the foot stomping when delivering a "punch"), And the holds/locks do not put either wrestler in pain or danger. But the chops/slaps are most definitely real in the sense that they absolutely connect. When using a chair, Or other object, They certainly hit each other, But they do it in a way as to maximize the look/sound of the it but minimize the danger. The flips and jumps and throws off the ropes or onto the floor are real in the sense that, If done improperly, One or both wrestlers can easily get injured. These guys train most of their lives to make it to the WWE level and make even the most complicated move look easy. Believe me when I tell you they're not. Even in a perfectly executed match, Wrestlers get injured - muscle strains, Ligament damage, Concussions, Etc. It's an accepted part of deal. In addition, Not all wrestlers are created equal - some guys are more brawlers than tacticians, And the guys who book the matches do their best to match skill sets so one guy with less wrestling seasoning isn't putting himself or his potential opponents at risk. The top echelon of the WWE is comprised of great athletes who possess excellent wrestling skills and performance panache (i. E. Showmanship). I would call it lots of things, But not necessarily fake.

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