You may be verified on Twitter, But are you verified in the eyes of God?

Asked by: vrony
  • Well that just sucks

    I mean just by reading the title, That didn't make any f****** sense. But I'll just answer your question the best way I can. You know hell and heaven right, Well there's this place called purgatory that you cleanse your sins in. And btw, God has a plan for ALL of us, So yes God has control of your future and is always watching you.

  • I live well

    I follow the Roman Catholic Church, And I'm better for it. I've had a lot of hard times going through life, And God has made it much easier. I got to Church on Sundays, I try not to cuss, I give money to the homeless. So yeah, I'd like to think I'm verified in the eyes of God. As are all of his children.

  • That's my opinion

    (This is just for fun, Please don't insult anyone)

    I am not verified on Twitter, Neither am I verified in the eyes of God. I could go off on a tangent but I will not.

    Firstly, I do not seek approval or verification from anyone, Not even myself.
    Secondly, I do not belive in God.

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