• Moral values in society

    In my thinking I agree that youths are to be blamed for moray decay. I have a number of reasons to 2hy I say so. Here are some of them; Social media, Social media has contributed so much to moral detoriation as most youths spend most of their time on social media. The interaction with friends from other cultures is causing our youths to start losing our cultural values, They are adapting to the Western culture.

  • Youths are a product of the generation before them

    It's foolish to blame young people for the ills of society. The younger generations are entirely a product of their parents. This is why everyone is down on boomers. Boomers but on the baby gloves when dealing with their kids and everyone is way worse for it. Now we have children's sports with no winning teams, And anything vaguely rough-play is completely banned from schoolyards.

  • It was the baby boomers not other "cultures"

    They were the ones that introduced drugs and and created video games the internet and ruined the economy and made everyone young person broke.
    The more poor you are the more likely you are to do crimes and substance abuse and hey look that was what happen. Not to mention the messes the made around the world.

    The passed all kinds of crazy policies that haunt us to this day. Every time a boomer disappears, The skies brighten a little bit.

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