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About Me:ENTP debate student who just lost his debate team with an unexpected move. I'm delving into philosophy head-first, and love to write expository. Oh, I'm also a Homestuck who loves various fandoms.
Activities:Writing, philosophizing, debating, music, reading, and the occasional netflix marathon.
Beliefs:I think that God is plausible, but not provable one way or another. If He does exist, I think all religions probably have a piece of the puzzle. I also believe that whatever we call "God", if He does indeed exist, probably isn't human at all, and that our portrayals of him reflect a human need for personification and story-building.
Books:Orson Scott Card's Ender series, Dreamcatcher, Bag of Bones, anything by John Grisham or David Baldacci, IT, the Harry Potter series, the Pendragon series, and many more. As far as educational books , I enjoy Taking Sides, the Critique of Pure Reason, Plato's dialogues, A History of England,
Movies:The Green Mile, Bruce Almighty, the Anchorman, Wolves of Wall Street, the Book of Life,
Music:Greydon Square, Instrumentals, Arabic Chill-out, Piano, Foo Fighters, and many other rock bands. Classical, piano, violin. The only favorite I have is Tchaikovsky.
Quotes:"You don't beg average to be phenomenal - you just are phenomenal, and you will attract phenomenal people!"

"There's a cake in front of you, and you're sitting here reaching at crumbs!"

"The most scary thing about debate is learning that it's just as easy to defend a wrong opinion as it is to defend a right one".
Sports Teams:None.
TV Shows:Cosmos, House, Scrubs, House of Cards, NCIS, Ancient Aliens (its a good laugh), South Park, Colbert, The Daily Show, and a whole bunch of animes.
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Ethics can be defined apart from God


Is there a definition of Ethics that can be put away from God? Can we say that Ethics has nothing to do with a divine creature? Firstly we need to define Ethics, according to Aristotle, which was the first one to introduce the concept (however no the first one to talk about it), ethics is the seek of a greater good, a good that is seek for itself, some may call that greater good later "happiness". This greater good assumes there is an objective good (a truth), and according to other philosoph...

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Utilitarianism (Bentham) v Deontology (Kant) Rap Battle


Philosophical rap battle. Con is rapping for deontology, while Pro is rapping for Utilitarianism. Personal slights against philosophers themselves are allowed but not preferred over ideological rap. 20 lines are allowed. First round is acceptance only. Everything else is fair game....

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fact=knowledge=memory of personal physical experience


facts dosnt exist beyond my own memory, to suggest they do is suggesting I can see others memories...

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