At the beach your dog and a 7 year old stranger are trapped in a whirlpool, who will you save?

Posted by: Wizardofwaz66

Explanation not necessary

Poll closed on 5/30/2018 at 12:00PM.
28 Total Votes

The seven year old stranger

16 votes

Your dog

12 votes
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Jules123 says2018-05-02T18:28:11.9202446Z
No contest choosing between the dog I LOVE and a complete stranger! Being older and wiser I know the whirlpool is gonna win!
reece says2018-05-09T12:03:48.9413623Z
@doglover0.4 It would be too late. How fast do you think the parent can drive to the beach to reach his or her son or doughtier in time? The son or doughtier is getting looked after by their friends parents after all.
reece says2018-05-09T12:06:28.9973623Z
bernade says2018-05-21T08:35:52.2655132Z
Stranger life has no meaning to me
SolarFlare says2018-09-22T12:42:57.1109518Z
My dog depends on me to keep him healthy and safe; I would not betray that trust and love. The stranger took an independent risk which did not pay off.
SolarFlare says2018-12-18T21:41:16.6814464Z
16 people out of 28 would betray their dog's love and trust. I am *mindblown*.
ZackCarr says2019-04-25T19:19:15.7372648Z
Dog. That seven year old could grow up to be a serial killer or Donald Trump Jr.

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