Be Stupid but Good or Smart but Evil?

Posted by: Ghost_Of_David

If you had to choose to be ones of these for your whole life, What would you be?

  • You would rather be a simple person but someone who is truly good and pure.

  • You would rather be an ambitious leader that will do whatever it takes to get what you want, Regardless of the pain and sacrifice others will need to go through

62% 5 votes
38% 3 votes
  • Though a bit of my train of thought derails, As I wonder, If I choose something, Doesn't that mean I wanted it more? I'll ignore that, And answer what I think is more honestly me. I think I'd rather be an ambitious, Ruthless, Powerful, Leader. But I imagine I'll choose the simple and pleasant life. Though whether that is because I am too incompetent and lacking drive, Or because there are concepts and feelings that I hold more important than my wants. . . I don't know. I worry it's the former.

  • "Evil" is subjective. What hitler had done, He may not realize it as evil. I want to be smart enough to alter everyone's minds to me, If this is offered a choice, Then.

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Leaning says2020-01-23T15:21:40.2406155Z
Poll somehow reminds me of the film Harvey (1950).

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