Is black a color or the absence of color?

Posted by: marinaspins


  • Nah, it's a color

  • It's the absence of color

43% 37 votes
57% 50 votes
  • White is the absence of color not black

  • Color is a human perception.

  • If you were to take every crayon or colored pencil in a box, and then color one spot with all of them, then the color you would end up with would be something very close to black. So i think black is indeed a color, and not the absence of color.

  • Black is every color together, white is the absence of color.

  • Black is a color, just like white. I think absence of a color would be when you are sleeping or thinking deeply; there is no black or white or green or blue, simply your thoughts with no visuals.

  • There is always colors!

    Posted by: XLAV
  • both

  • It is both. Under Color by addition it is the absence of color. Under Color by subtraction is the presence of all colors. This is like asking if Green or Yellow is a primary or secondary color.

  • Black is the absorption of every color wavelength, so in a sense, it is the most colorful color of all

  • The absence of colour is nothing, anything in its darkest form is black, even white...

  • Black is all colors being absorbed equally.

  • It's impossible to experience true black unless you're blind, as something has to get to your eyes for you to detect it, making all forms of black colors.

  • Black is a Color! White is the absence of Color. We speak about colors. Not how light react to them. When you combine some primary colors you get black. Black is the only color that stays as it is even when light hits it or not. You just see something that light cannot effect. The only thing that light is changing in black is its heat because of the high absorbion it does. Blind people see only black because the only way to see all colors is by light and as the black color doesn't need light is the only thing they see. My job is computers so i will tell you also about that. The reason that in the rgb system the color black has all its values zero is because as i said before you can have black in any case (light or not) and is surely more economic to have black without light.

    Posted by: Argy93
  • black is the darkest shade of gray as white is the lightest shade so yes black is a color

  • On a cpu for example black is 0 green, blue, and red while white is the combination of all 3 at the maximium(255) and black is indeed the absence of color making it not a color.

  • Color is caused by visible light. True Black reflects absolutely no light. Black is not a color. Black is the absence of color. True white reflects all light. White is every color. White is not the absence of color. Science.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Yay

  • Black is is the absence of color

  • White is the combination of all the visible colors in the electromagnetic spectrum. Black is the absence of visible electromagnetic radiation, meaning you don't see any color.

  • Black is only the presence of ALL colors when talking about pigments, but in terms of light reflection, black IS the ABSENCE of all colors.

  • All color is, is the reflection of light into your eyes. Black is when no color being reflected in your eyes. White is when all colors are being reflected.

  • The universe is black, it is like the fabric that wraps around colour.

  • Black is "It is the darkest color, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light." where as colour is " Color derives from the spectrum of light interacting in the eye with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors." if black is absorbing light not reflecting our eyes have no light to interact with and thus no colour is perceived. Really this debate should not be in the philosophy section..

  • this is science folks.

    Posted by: nueve
  • color is an illusion it is how much light is reflecting off of an object if there is no light to be reflected everything is black that is why we have darkness so black just means we cant see any light bouncing off of it its not being absorbed and its not being reflected so what is it i wouldnt say it is either i would say it is both

  • No, black is not a color, and neither is white. To begin, white does not absorb any colors, and reflects no color. With black, it is a bit different. Take a look at the visible color spectrum. Do you see black on it? No. Take a look at a rainbow. Do you see black on it? No.

  • Black is the absence of light, remove a light source from something and what do you get? Black. Therefore it is a shadow/tone

    Posted by: iAdam
  • You don't get light rays that are black or combine to form black, yet this is possible for all other colours, we can therefore deduce that black is not a colour from a scientific point of view.

    Posted by: JWIlI
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marinaspins says2014-02-25T16:56:46.9733210-06:00
@Linkish102 that is incorrect. White is all of the colors combined. You can take a crystal prism and shine it in the light for a rainbow. Think pink floyd :)
marinaspins says2014-02-25T17:01:37.1655896-06:00
Yeah SNP1 said...
QuestionEverything99 says2014-02-25T21:18:37.6952228-06:00
Actually, 30% end in divorce.
SNP1 says2014-02-26T07:06:55.6889949-06:00
Wow... People do not know their science...
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T07:08:48.2786372-06:00
I know wtf
SNP1 says2014-02-26T07:15:21.0077129-06:00
I learned that black is the absence of color in 5th grade! I thought that everyone knew this simple fact. White light exists, and can be shined through a prism to create every color of light. Black light does not exist, the "Black lights" you can get do not shine black light, and it does not exist because black is the absence of color/light. I am saddened to see how many people do not know this... 66%? Disappointed...
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:07:58.8259126-06:00
No black is the absence of light not color, light is not a color. Light- the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible now if we look at science light is full of colors, but darkness is not, but when we look at the color itself if we combine 3 different colors we can make black.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:12:33.6495381-06:00
Color: the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light. Black doesn't emit or reflect light, try again Linkish.....
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:13:00.4513802-06:00
And black is the absence of those 3 colors
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:19:25.0233816-06:00
Black -of the very darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white. Still a color, only the absence of light, doesent mean that it has no colors in this particular color.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:22:53.2077491-06:00
Exactly, the complete absorption of light and by definition to be a color it must emit or reflect light. Bladk isn't a color it's what happens when their is a absence of color.
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:23:04.7829491-06:00
Color is a Pigment or a Molecule
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:23:42.3945491-06:00
Not a light.
SNP1 says2014-02-26T08:25:02.4990408-06:00
Linkish, color is visible light, a small portion of the light spectrum. Color is visible light reflecting back at us. Something that is green reflects only green light. Black is caused when no light is reflected, which means there is no color. White is the reflection of every color, which is why prisms can create all the colors of the spectrum when white light is shined through it.
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:25:04.5909491-06:00
Now your saying its not a color when it clearly is a color dont mix your words up.......
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:30:12.8436408-06:00
SNP1 i hate to dissagree but color is a pigment, that the eye visualizes and sends to your brain, if someone where color blind they can perceive the pigment black to a different color, yes it does mean its the absence of light, but it does not mean that black is not a color
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:30:25.9038941-06:00
@SNP1 just stop, he's either a troll or isn't going to understand what the literal definition of color (that I even listed) is.
SNP1 says2014-02-26T08:33:23.3040319-06:00
I always said it was not a color. Science shows that we see light in the visible light spectrum. When we see a color we are seeing that color of light being reflected. Something that is green does not reflect light except green light. True black reflects absolutely no light. If we think that grass is green, which is the type of light reflected, then we must say that true black is not a color because it reflects no light. White light is the reflection of all light, that is why it is a color. Color is visible light. You cannot have color without light.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:33:35.4722659-06:00
Pigment: the color of an animal And btw their not completely black or they wouldn't reflect any light.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:34:15.1150838-06:00
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:35:31.0704889-06:00
Sir I am not a troll, you just have to look at both sides of the argument, I talk of black paint, you talk of light and the spectrum, I know the definition of color I looked it up, and what you did not see is that color has more then one definition, maybe you should do some more research before you call me a damn troll.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:36:38.5885873-06:00
Black paint isn't completely black or it obviously wouldn't reflect light, it obviously has color in it.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:37:06.1075165-06:00
It's similiar to black, it isn't black though.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:37:44.0312774-06:00
Either you're a troll or an idiot
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:39:07.2416774-06:00
@actionsspeak your extremely ignorant and also very poorly missinformed, I feel so sorry that your brain can only comprehend little tiny bits of information at a time, do some more research on this subject and you will see that im no the only one with this point of veiw on color.
SNP1 says2014-02-26T08:39:48.0984922-06:00
I know you are not a troll, but color cannot exist without light. Because of that we must look at color and light at the same time. When we do that we see that true black reflects no light, hence why we call black holes black holes. We have not actually seen a black hole as it does not reflect any light back at us, but we can see what is around it and the effects it has. True black reflects no light. Color cannot exist without light. True black is not a color.
Pluto says2014-02-26T08:39:59.1900922-06:00
Wtf didn't you guys learn this in preschool it clearly is the absence of color
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:41:11.7924922-06:00
@actionsspeak im going to help you comrehend my point of veiw a little better. This site proves that black is a color, and also proves that black is not a color, like I said its all about how you see it. Http://www.Colormatters.Com/color-and-design/are-black-and-white-colors#Anchor-Color-11481
Pluto says2014-02-26T08:41:37.3920922-06:00
Wow we have confirmed the one joke about 2/3s of the population being utterly retarded
Pluto says2014-02-26T08:41:57.9684922-06:00
Wow we have confirmed the one joke about 2/3s of the population being utterly retarded
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:41:59.4972922-06:00
Yep, definetely a troll does it get more obvious Linkish quote: "I'm extremely ignorant blah-blah-blah i'm scared to debate on debate.Org because i'm going to lose and also very poorly missinformed, I feel so sorry that my brain can only comprehend little tiny bits of information at a time, I need to do some more research on this subject and you will see that i'm the only one with this point of veiw on color."
Pluto says2014-02-26T08:42:21.7112774-06:00
SNP1 says2014-02-26T08:45:07.1960774-06:00
Linkish, that is not about TRUE black though, but a color that we have nicknamed black. True black is no and never has been a color.
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:46:01.4528774-06:00
@SNP1 I understand that but I also look at color from an artistic point of veiw, I can also see both ways, i agree with both, but this actionsspeak guy is so ignorant and wont see both sides of the argument, so here i stand saying its a color.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:47:58.1411506-06:00
So your argument is basically what imabench(the ultimate troll said) "If you were to take every crayon or colored pencil in a box, and then color one spot with all of them, then the color you would end up with would be something very close to black. So i think black is indeed a color, and not the absence of color." Although he even admits it's not black it's merely something close to it as i've been trying to explain to you.
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T08:51:05.2481638-06:00
Look at the poll, does it say is TRUE BLACK a color or does it say is BLACK a color?? I dont care if the color is "close" black, if a color looks black its black, what else could it be?
SNP1 says2014-02-26T08:52:12.9218314-06:00
Yes, but an artistic view uses a color that is not actually black and says that it is black. An artistic view uses a color that is not black as black, but true black is not a color. I do not agree with how actiosspeak is trying to make his point (insulting someone is never a good thing, though I admit that I do insult people sometimes), but I do agree with his points. Science deals with knowledge and truth, and scientifically black is not a color. Artists use a non-black color as black. True black is not a color though. If artists somehow used true black and were able to make it by mixing colors then you might be correct saying that artistically black is a color from an artistic view.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:53:33.0600588-06:00
I see your argument and after being told by me, snp, and even laughted at by pluto you still think you have a decent argument based of the pigment being what, similiar? Guess what darker brown, a mix, or darker gray doesn't equal black nomatter how much you want it to.
SNP1 says2014-02-26T08:54:24.7275288-06:00
If a color looks black and is not black then it is not black. Just because we do not have a name for it does not mean that it becomes something similar.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T08:54:44.6331288-06:00
I would be very happy to be proven wrong, my favorite quote is even "If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed." R13; Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
SNP1 says2014-02-26T08:56:52.4595288-06:00
Actionsspeak, I agree with that quote, but you should NOT insult someone that has a different point of view on a subject like this.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T09:01:44.1928247-06:00
I posted the literal definition of color then he attempted(poorly) to explain it differently, then followed it up with accusing you of flip-floppin (mixing your words up) at the time(and even now) I believe he was/is a troll. However I apologize if anyone was offended
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T09:03:38.4789060-06:00
Ok so you think that artists should call the color black a different name?
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T09:04:58.1319954-06:00
They can call it black, but it literally isn't.
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T09:06:18.9850632-06:00
But this poll does not specify what kind of black, therefore I choose the artist black
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T09:08:29.9035569-06:00
It isn't a kind of black, it's something considered "similiar", it's simply a name artists call a color that is similiar to no color
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T09:08:53.6002607-06:00
By the way I'm not an idiot, I just have a hard time putting common sense into words @actionsspeak
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-02-26T09:10:01.2874311-06:00
Its sorta both really, our eyes can't detect light from that area. So we don't know whats there, so we might just fill in the gap with black. Just putting whats on top of my head here.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T09:10:30.2903003-06:00
@Linkish I have the same problem when frustrated, I simply proofread and calm myself.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T09:12:12.5174571-06:00
@Comrade Sort of, if you consider similarities to all be the same thing
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T09:12:47.0402571-06:00
Yes, but yet again artist still call that "similar,"black, and if it's in the dictionary as a color, then it's a color. My question to you is which was called black first, paint or darkness?? Whichever came first determines the outcome of the color.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T09:14:57.8135487-06:00
Yes, as I said before he can misuse the literal definition of a word. However as much as you may wish it was black it well never be.
SNP1 says2014-02-26T10:35:54.3102763-06:00
Linkish, older does not always mean better. Should we call African Americans ni**ers? NO! But isn't that term older than African Americans? It is older. Just because something is used first does not mean it is right.
Subutai says2014-02-26T16:51:39.6527868-06:00
Why do so many people think black is a color? Don't you all know your electromagnetic spectrum at all?
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T16:54:11.3834782-06:00
Linkish believes black is a color because their are colors similiar to black, I don't get it but whatever.
Subutai says2014-02-26T16:54:54.5904288-06:00
There are ways that I am similar to a snake. That doesn't mean I'm a reptile.
Actionsspeak says2014-02-26T16:55:33.9854782-06:00
Granted his comment that goes with his vote says "White is the absence of color not black" Which is obviously wrong.
Linkish1O2 says2014-02-26T23:36:55.4641950-06:00
In pigments it's not though
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-02-28T09:14:44.5300137-06:00
What a buddhist question... 'Colour is void, void is colour...'
MrRipples says2014-03-23T19:23:40.0839907-05:00
Black is not a colour, it is a shade...
cpbm says2014-09-15T21:45:03.0056832-05:00
"Black" is an overloaded term, i.e. it has more than one meaning. In physics, something is black if it absorbs all energy and releases none, e.g. a black body, a black hole. If I refer to a black shirt, though, I am referring to the point that there aren't many photons reflected off the fabric that have a visible wavelength. Now, it is likely that the shirt actually reflects infrared radiation pretty well. Is infrared a colour? Not usually. Not unless we're a snake or use an infrared camera or perhaps take a liberal definition of colour from physics. Can the shirt be both black and infrared? Is either one the real colour of the shirt? Does the shirt have a colour? Well, it depends, like many things in philosophy, on the linguistics and purpose of the question. It is correct to say black is the absence of light and colour is the combination of light frequencies. It is correct to say that black is a concept describing a visual quality the same way and with the same purpose that all colours are. So, black is both a colour and the lack of colours but the linguistics are confusing and the science is not properly understood in society.
cjchristi26 says2015-03-30T21:01:38.1732503-05:00
SNP1 states, "...Black reflects absolutely no light." If this was true then we would not be able to see it at all.
Argy93 says2017-03-01T16:14:37.3653125Z
Like some people told and they are absolutely right Black is the absence of light, not the absence of color!!!!!! You must all understand the difference of light and color!!! -Rainbows have no black cause black cannot be created by light!!!! -White can be created by the light of other colors, not by them directly!!! You cannot combine other colors to create white but you can combine them to create black!!!

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