Is identity politics on the left a reaction to identity politics on the right?

Posted by: reece

Just like secularism is to theocracy, or atheism to religion.

  • Yes

  • No

35% 7 votes
65% 13 votes
  • Possibly to a very minimal degree, but they seem to have their own thing going on there... The left is way more caught up in what group you belong to, what race or religion you are, and so on, and this is probably because they have it engraved in their minds that one way is right and that's that.

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Swagnarok says2018-04-25T04:13:33.0826786Z
The other way around, I'd say.
reece says2018-04-25T06:20:52.6592316Z
So you think tradition / fundamentalism is a reaction to progressivism? Well it might be to a very minimal degree if the right doesn't like their beliefs being criticized.
Mister_Man says2018-04-25T21:07:23.1448330Z
Reece - I think what Swagnarok is trying to say is that right wingers tended to just chill and not group themselves together, and they're now doing it out of spite of the left pushing all their nonsense on everyone. Although I disagree with that.
reece says2018-04-26T07:41:34.8731871Z
Mister_Man - By 'all their nonsense' do you mean all progressive policy. The majority of both left and right would disagree with you. Both sides pretty much agree with every progressive policy under the sun except for ending the death penalty and some identity politics stuff. Here is a poll that was conducted: | You can easily find many more polls like it showing similar results. I think you would agree with many of them. Anyway, the majority of the country wasn't for gay marriage until progressives pushed for it. The same for weed.
asfew says2018-12-07T23:32:52.8799598Z
No its called top-down indoctrination. The left controls 90% of the mass media for the last 50 years, And universities and it has decimated our culture, Only pushing the dumb ideas about sex and mocking the good ones, Resulting in poverty and instability from lack of fatherless households.

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