Is it possible to truly know somebody?

Posted by: Marcus314159

When many people claim to know someone, what they actually mean is that they have knowledge of the person's name and could identify them. I ask: is it possible to truly understand another person wholly? More specifically, is it possible to understand the plethora of factors that motivate an individual to an extent that you can read and predict their behaviours? Can you genuinely know someone as well as (or better than) they know themselves?

  • Yes

  • No

50% 8 votes
50% 8 votes
  • I think it is impossible. If they told you everything about them, something could change, or they just simply can't tell you everything. You can't 100% know someone.

    Posted by: yay842
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Zuelo says2013-10-04T18:31:59.5368380-05:00
No, there is always parts of us hidden from the rest of the world, where said parts would be criticized and teased. The mind is our private little room we cary with us wherever we go, a way to escape to where no one can judge you. Our minds are very complex things, not even the holder of the mind may truly know itself.

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