Is it wrong to "kill" an artificially intelligent robot that looks human?

Posted by: The.Defiance

We don't know how much it thinks or is, in a way, alive; however it's not actually living as we define other organisms to live.

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No, it is acceptable

This machine is not alive and therefore killing it will not cause harm.
55 votes

Yes, it is wrong

It is effectively killing a human as we can't know how much it really thinks.
11 votes
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Joshfour says2018-06-02T23:15:30.2442734Z
I'm disappointed that this is even a question.
DylanTheGreatk says2018-06-19T01:14:04.3770442Z
I don't understand why someone would think it's wrong
Smooosh says2018-06-24T22:02:28.1639693Z
We ourselves could possibly live in an artificial universe. We wouldn't want our creators to kill us, so lets not kill the things we create!
RRUPLINK says2018-07-29T03:47:42.6200557Z
Modern artificial intelligence is just machine learning. There is no actual self awareness involved and there won’t be as long as current technologies exist.
ConservativeHaven says2018-12-06T01:28:16.7603324Z
asfew says2018-12-07T23:26:31.9435598Z
I vote retarded. You can "break" ai that looks human, Killing has a prerequisite: life.

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