Is self-sacrifice for the greater good required?

Posted by: ladiesman

Utilitarians argue that if you are able to maximize happiness, you have an obligation to do so. Some philosophers say this makes utilitarianism too demanding. Self-sacrifice for the greater good is heroic, but is it mandatory?

  • Yes

  • No

54% 15 votes
46% 13 votes
  • You get back from people what you get back. In general, people choose to share the load when they can but if they living to work instead of working to live then they just don't have the time to share the load. Peace be with you.

  • I am ready to sacrifice anything in my life for serving humanity.

  • With this question I believe we are also addressing the subject of soldiers. At one point the militia was made for the good of the people and many people died doing what they believed is best, although i do believe that sacrificing ones self is in a way mandatory for the good of the people I also believe that it can be dependent on the person. For example the death of MLK Jr. had to happen so we could realize that we had a problem with racial equality at the time. Many people died in those protest though and none of their deaths meant as much as his. There are many situations like this so I dont believe that there is one solid answer to this question.

  • No, it is a choice. A decision that one should think about very carefully.

    Posted by: JPaul
  • If everyone sacrificed their relationships and lives for the greater good, then society would lose its structure and people would be disconnected from their loved ones. Rather than having self sacrifice for the greater good as a requirement, we should instead focus on spreading as much love and understanding as we can. Yes, those who sacrifice their own wants and needs for the greater good are good individuals and should be thought of in a high regard, but if we all did this and neglected to nurture our own lives and relationships with people, then in our efforts to build better understanding and relationships with others, we will actually be disconnecting ourselves from each other inadvertently.

  • Utilitarianism i obviously at the center of this. Now as John Stuart Mill explained, just because something will serve utilitarianism, doesn't mean there is a compulsion to do it.

  • Nothing is mandatory. Not self-sacrifice not selfishness, and not anything else.

  • I believe that man should get a choice if it wants to sacrifice itself to the greater good. That being said the people saying yes I'm going to guess would be cool with everyone being color blind so we won't be racist, No music as some music can influence people to do bad things, They would also be pro censorship, Pro death penalty, And anti freedom of speech as all of these things value the individual over society.

  • If you "sacrifice" yourself for the "greater good", Then it's really not self sacrifice. To sacrifice means to give something up in return for nothing. If you believe that you are sacrificing yourself for the greater good, Then you believe that there is something gained. If something even greater has been gained due to a loss, Then nothing is really lost in the first place.

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ladiesman says2018-04-10T22:09:40.5122924Z
IMO, it depends on what the greater good entails.
reece says2018-04-12T01:51:00.4778906Z
@ladiesman Can you give me an example? I'm curious of what you think.
2far4u2CharlesDarwin says2018-04-12T22:33:58.5014731Z
We all would if we could but war is not who was right it is who is left, afterwards for they are the oppressors or the successors that now have all pieces of there chess table while the other has none but the king.
ladiesman says2018-04-13T03:03:12.3298403Z
@reece An example would be Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2; instead of flying off Ego's planet and hoping Peter would make it out himself, he gave his life to get Peter off the planet and allowed himself to suffocate in space so Peter would live. Most people agree that self-sacrifice is heroic, but they do not agree that it is required, as utilitarians say.
reece says2018-04-13T13:20:21.7543226Z
@ladiesman But what would a 'mandatory self-sacrifice' look like in a utilitarians world? It practically sounds a bit counter-intuitive to your definition of what utilitarianism is.
DeepInThought says2018-04-14T06:04:09.2743435Z
@ladiesman. It's not every day that self sacrifice on that level is needed.(in fact, most people don't ever come across that kind of situation) And another problem is the question what is good, what is evil. For me, I don't believe in ether, and only use the words good and bad to describe the way I personally think that humanity should go, (in which many disagree with) or when talking about food. (will the food make me sick or not) It is impossible to make a decision that everyone would consider good.
2far4u2CharlesDarwin says2018-04-14T11:49:13.3719198Z
Try drawing a line in the sand between humane and inhumane and realize that if you chisel a line in rock it is set and there is no change as an eye for an eye lives the world blind.
Smooosh says2018-06-24T22:10:54.0559693Z
Any "required" form of self sacrifice would only be a social construct, and the only one who requires you to follow social constructs would be you!

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