Philosophy vs. Religion

Which offers a more fruitful way to examine life: philosophy or religion?

  • Philosophy

  • Religion

77% 41 votes
23% 12 votes
  • While it very hard to wrap one's head around, it has brought less death, pain, torment, suffering etc... than religion. It also has the better quotes!

  • Philosophy is constant questioning. Religion is constant acceptance of possible truths with no question. Hands down philosophy.

    Posted by: MC1R
  • i choose science over religion, in which philosophy is basic proof, understanding, meaning, questioning, and theories based on actual proof

    Posted by: yay842
  • The quote on the the image when I clicked on this was very convincing.

  • Philosophy tends to examine life in its origins and purest forms, their interactions, how people are and why they are such. Philosophy allows people to ask why and search for answers by using their reason, always finding solid proofs and evidences to provide them with answers through their own understanding, reflections, and interpretations.

  • explore the possibilities of philosophy and find a world where life is full of curiosity ,don't waste time believing in something that does't exist

  • No contest

    Posted by: Federz
  • writing your own Philosophy means you won't fight for it, it's your opinion, no one has ever gone to war over their own philosophy. Only religious people start wars over their opinions, their collective opinion. Which is why they are called the flock

  • Philosophy allows us to really understand topics and break them down logically to understand every bit and leave room for error, philosophy is not afraid to say when its wrong, it will readjust and learn. Religion has no room for an individuals growth they follow prehistoric texts and follow them without question or understanding. They will remain blinded when confronted by logic and reason.

  • There is no contest. Philosophy brings out life's questions Religion merely just claims how you should act and already has all the questions answered. Philosophy is awesome! and so is science but since this is about Philosophy, Philosophy rules!

  • I have studied for long hour on the topic of the ancient mysteries and find some of there ideas of the elevation of man to his inner god and the illumination of the human ind to be fascinating and i think that it is more interesting to learn about. I have also studies religion and culture and find that to be a cool thing to research but the teachings of the mysteries and their philosophy to much better.

  • This is because I find philosophy much more easier to understand than religion, because they are different types of religion and they don't seem to make sense and always fight against each other than agreeing to one single stament which makes it harder to understand.

    Posted by: debolt
  • There is not proof of one religion being real, there is no proof there is no greater being, with that said having a "Big Brother" is ridiculous, whether it is a man in the clouds or a flying spaghetti monster. Life should be lived to the fullest, but should also be lived caring about others. religion just drives people apart once there is no religion I believe that people will be able to achieve the peace in which we desire.

  • I COMPLETLY DISAGREE WITH THIS ENTIRE DEBATE! Why do people say that religion is not scientific, the bible is in harmony with science. It is not blind faith. The bible gives us our entire basis it shows us everything it is our cornerstone take out Christ, I have nothing. Their is plenty of proof of the bible, you can find plenty of evidence. I am willing to go into this more with anyone.

  • I wish you could pick both. Just because one is right doesn't mean the other is automatically wrong. Both are great ways to examine life, and we need both to analyze the world with a broader perspective. However, I have voted for religion. There is factual evidence supporting religion other than the Bible, like other books of scripture, and even philosophy. Philosophy and religion are linked with each other, not rivals.

  • I love Jesus

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NBAlstar says2013-11-30T08:11:01.6510790-06:00
The world would be SO MUCH BETTER OFF it religion DID NOT EXIST!!!
STALIN says2014-01-12T23:37:59.5523765-06:00
Danikala says2014-02-27T18:31:41.1567907-06:00
Philosophy doesn't force you to make conclusions it just requests you to try and apprehend everything...And in the processs- realising something...However one of the core obligations of religion is rules and conclusions which try to objective but are subjective because all religions are only partially 'true' (whatever true means)....Otherwise there would only be one universal religion that is correct....However I reckon different religions are just differed perspectives about God

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