• Yes

  • No

35% 13 votes
65% 24 votes
  • yes and than they should be killed.

    Posted by: tekoxa
  • Yes, pedophiles are sick people who are beyond the point of rehabilitation. Unlike most criminals, pedophiles I believe are the scum of the earth, who are most likely to re-offend, unlike others.

  • if they act on it then yes. If not then people wouldent know due to it not being a thing you talk about, Unless you have pedophile friends

  • Depends on what you mean. The definition of a pedophile is, "a person who is sexually attracted to children." If they do not act on it, then they shouldn't be punished. If they do act on it, lock them up and throw away the key.

  • Judge by actions, not thoughts. From my personal experience (talking to people) i'm confident most pedophiles live out their fantasies in popular fetishes, the most popular being ddlg. If they didn't and they acted on their first thought we would have a real mess on our hands.

  • No, pedophiles cannot control what they are attracted to. They can however control what they do with this attraction. If they do not act out on their attractions they cannot be send to prison because they haven't done anything wrong. If a pedophile has trouble with not acting out on his attraction he should go to a therapist.

    Posted by: RoelW
  • Pedophiles can stop a childhood in an instant and just as quickly make it a nightmare. Prison is too good for these people. They deserve to be decapitated and have their head shoved onto a pike. THis can no longer be met with all of this anti-death crap. Sometimes it is better for people to die.

    Posted by: Gresak
  • This one was hard but if they can control it and not be all creepy about it then leave them alone, you may want to keep a eye on them but if they do things like take a pic of a little girls undies then masturbate to that they should have some kind of warning, but for raping SEND THEM TO JAIL OH GOD!

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Minddagger says2018-02-02T20:28:25.8333529Z
To answer your question, i mean the ones who dont act on it.
BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 says2018-02-03T09:22:40.4141981Z
Pedophiles should just be left alone.
Minddagger says2018-02-03T19:23:01.9653826Z
For raping children, they should just be left alone? Now I know you are a troll
Actions_Speak says2018-02-03T20:38:45.7660306Z
I suppose my opinion is obvious from my name xD
Actions_Speak says2018-02-03T20:42:23.6058270Z
That'll probably happen, right after those who imagine murder get the death penalty.
Minddagger says2018-02-04T19:06:06.6920688Z
That's what I meant, I thought that he meant ALL pedophiles should be left alone, including the guilty ones.
reece says2018-02-08T21:26:02.5158421Z
There's no nuance when people talk about pedophilia.
GarySmith2005 says2018-02-23T12:01:35.3252530Z
This is definitely the stupidest poll I've ever seen.
Minddagger says2018-02-23T13:36:26.9182359Z
Why is it the stupidest poll youve ever seen?
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T12:49:44.8886370Z
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