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Joshfour says2018-05-27T01:54:52.0710435Z
This is a strange question.
HotDog_25 says2018-05-31T03:47:44.5549547Z
It is a strange question, I know. I just want people's opinion of racism in general. I agree that we need to show that racism is a horrible thing, with literature, or in jokes. I mean racism as in the case of acts of violence against a race, etc.
kyleniel says2018-06-01T18:06:41.4732945Z
HOT DOG Dude, Racism is treatment, not just violence. You should've made that clear.
MarkUts says2018-06-03T02:46:57.1927274Z
More than the majority of white people aren't racist. It's BLM activists and media outlets that keep setting fires and fanning the flames of racism. Without CNN or BLM America would be free of racism.
smokey0990 says2018-06-18T13:37:33.5279840Z
You should probably be careful with that line of thinking markuts, there are numerous other racists outside of those groups. Granted I have seen racism from those groups as well, but the KKK and the neo-nazi movements are very much still a reality. Not to mention other extremists groups of various religions and terrorists. My own relatives use exactly your line of reasoning to justify their own racism. For example, suggesting the revival of concentration camps for groups they don't like. Adamantly suggesting such things in fact, all the while claiming that they are not racists because those groups are racist. Dianep you might want to look up "accidental courtesy" a documentary that shows exactly what you're talking about. In one scene it also shows a good example of racism from the BLM movement. Racism as a whole is not acceptable, and much racism disguises itself as anti-racism.
TheAnonymousOpinionGiver says2018-06-19T14:32:52.3562410Z
If it's not physically hurting anyone, then let them have an opinion. Also, hate just makes racism stronger.

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