Should the US buy land from other countries?

Posted by: asta

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Leaning says2018-08-21T01:10:53.5134106Z
Odd, I don't see any comments. . . But I remember them previously existing. . . . Hmm, Glitch of my computer or memory?
Mister_Man says2018-08-21T02:23:31.5138106Z
@Leaning - Could be an issue with your computer or browser, I see all the comments just fine.
Leaning says2018-08-21T06:40:06.0930106Z
@Mister_Man - Not the comments for Yes and No, But the comments down lower where we are commenting? If so, How odd.
Mister_Man says2018-08-22T01:33:37.0165409Z
Ohhh, I don't see any. I don't think there ever were any? I don't remember anyway.
Leaning says2018-08-22T01:55:46.7137409Z
Hmm, Now I think there never was. Just my mind playing tricks and messing this poll up with another.
Mister_Man says2018-08-22T02:27:18.0836039Z
Haha could be the case. Something like this would get some crazy reactions if anyone cared to participate in anything on this site anymore lol, I think I'd keep up with it too.

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