Should transgender people receive hormones?

Posted by: nedboi420

Gender dysphoria is a serious illness that causes people to feel disconnection between their sex (physical) and gender (biological & psychological). It causes great distress and can make someone severely depressed or even suicidal. Also, if anyone chooses any age: I'm about to slap a bitch because that shit's child abuse.

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This means not allowing any transgender individual to start hormones, regardless of how severe their dysphoria is.
23 votes

Yes, starting at 18-21

This means any legal adult being allowed to start hormones as long as they are professionally diagnosed with gender dysphoria disorder and agree to start hormones.
16 votes

Yes, at any age

This means parents forcing their gender non conforming pubescent children to start hormone blockers. The child doesn't have to state that they are the opposite sex, only conform to opposite gender roles.
5 votes

Yes, starting at 14-16

This means transgender adolescents being allowed to start hormones with or without their parents' permission as long as they are professionally diagnosed with gender dysphoria disorder and agree to start hormones.
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asta says2018-06-15T23:02:18.7943193Z
The transgender people should decide for themselves. But if they get it, they are paying for it, not the government.
WW2GuyWhoLikesWW2 says2018-06-18T21:12:50.7253056Z
After 18 years old you should be allowed to do what ever you want based on the idea you can afford it. Saying no is very authoritarian and it sounds like the person who says no is very bored with their life so they have to walk into someone elses home and tell them that they can't do what they want. Should I do the same for gun rights?
SouthernBoy2Girl says2018-07-09T04:18:30.2457454Z
Yes transgender people should receive hormones at any age providing that they state they are/or want to be the opposite gender.However it is not okay for anyone to force the taking of hormones upon children and adults who do not want it.
Leokelley says2018-11-02T01:22:07.5711676Z
They should only be able to get the hormones that are correct for their gender so they can correct the gender dysphoria instead of some misguided attempt to change genders

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