Tights for men or not

Posted by: mikaloviche

Should men wear tights or not. Is it ok and when is it not. Is it obscene or celebration of male sexuality

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To tuck or not to tuck reveal or hide? I say show it off

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Let everyone see your junk it's human it is natural

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mikaloviche says2020-02-25T02:09:15.1656270Z
If you are not sure check out my profile pics and decide for yourself if you aprove or not. Obviously women may be more inclined to like, Guys might just say yuck but might like to do it them selves.
anc2006 says2020-02-25T02:58:23.8308270Z
Uhh. That would be too cold. I say none of the two choices, I say to wear thick pants in order to not feel cold.

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