• Usa

  • China

91% 39 votes
9% 4 votes
  • USA has a lot more freedoms so its definitely better to live in.

  • Freedom, Plain and simple

  • USA is the world's second largest democracy, China is a communist dictatorship with hardly any rights. USA leads China in any and all indicators of development.

    Posted by: cabhit
  • USA is a much more organised country as compared to China in terms of administration, Business, Industry and society, Inspite of the fact that both of these countries have huge population.

  • The United States has a better GDP, Better living conditions, And just an overall higher standard of living. I'm a nationalist, And I'll admit that, But China didn't invent the car, The nuclear bomb, The light bulb or the word "y'all. "

  • The country as a whole is better, Without a doubt.

  • America is free and China is not.

  • Better people, Better pizza, Papa johns (sorry) We have more freedoms than China will EVER have. Censored internet, You can't search up the 1989 Tiananmen square protests, So many things are blocked, The Chinese are also brutal towards children, Having the "one-child" policy enforced (ended after 40 long years in 2016) parents have to actually REQUEST to have two children, Where in the United States, The amount of children is never limited, Just as long as you can afford to feed them all. Chinese also cannot have firearms, And the country has just as much human rights violations as North Korea. The United States is the best, Which is why people would rather come here than anywhere else. The United States also beats China in military superiority, So there is my statement on why the United States is better than China. China + Communism = death and misery.

  • No one likes those commies bastards.

  • USmotherfuckingA

  • I prefer White American Girls over The Chinese!

  • Americunts have killed more people than all terrorist organizations together. The greatest evil of last, And this century, Is USA. Everyone who supports it eaither ideologically, Or through taxes, Should be announced an "enemy of humanity" and shot on sight.

  • Fuck America.

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Debating_Horse says2018-08-17T15:30:44.1521317Z
"Better people, Better pizza, Papa Johns. "

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