Which offers the better smartphone: iPhone or Android?

Compare features, pricing, user experience and look and feel.

  • IPhone 4

  • Android

37% 41 votes
63% 71 votes
  • Sorry guys, iPhone for me.

  • I think Apple is better because it doesn't get frozen easily unlike Android, which whenever I try to go to the Appstore, it always get jammed or frozen

  • I currently have an android and sometimes the thing would freeze and I would have to take out the battery!

  • Way cooler.

  • Its so much easier to download apps, for android you have to go to the website and download from there, and it might give you other apps. If android had an app store, or at least a system, then I'd vote for android

  • Not the iPhone 4, though

  • I think Iphone is better because its easier to use the design of the phone is nice it doesnt freeze as often as Android and the camera qualitiy is way better then android

  • The iPhone generally has an interface that is much simpler and easier to navigate

  • iPhone is both overpriced and underpowered. It's OS is locked up as well.

  • Initially, I would have chosen iOS for its consistency and for it immediately providing every feature since the early devices (because of the more varied devices on Android, there is less equality to feature access). However, looking at the ethical abuses taking place in the factories in China, and the fact that Apple is strong in preventing users from modifying the system, pirating items and not allowing third-party apps to be installed, I may be beginning to prefer Android. Also, iOS devices are somewhat inconvenient to use when linked up to the majority Windows PCs (i.e. you have little control over what goes on in the syncing process).

    Posted by: wn
  • I've used both and ky experience is that phones with Android have a better computing system than their ever-so-easily broken iPhone counterparts.

  • Hey there, The most customisable mobile operating system is Android, hands-down, no exceptions. While iOS and Windows 8 Phone OS may be more secure, they lack the many features which allow them to differ among products. For example, the iPhone 4 is just about exactly the same phone as the iPhone 4s, while the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a very different look and feel to the S5. This doesn't mean that Apple phones should be disregarded, as iOS is actually a very stable and easy to use operating system. However, for customisation, increased security features, a larger span of applications, (Android allows the installation of .APK files, just like a desktop PC being able to install files from the Internet) Summarising, Android phones are much better as the variety and customisation that you can expect from them cannot be found anywhere else.

    Posted by: Oroua
  • The iPhone lacks many features that Android has had for many years such as the ability to add a memory card. The maximum storage that an iPhone can have is 64 GB (actually lower) while most Android phones allow for up to a 64 GB memory card in addition to the phone's storage which allows for up to 80 or more GB. An Android phone is also more customize-able and can be use as various things such as a flash drive which requires a separate app on the Iphone.

  • I've had iphone in the past, just fed up with all the updates. Piece of junk. Have now my Samsung galaxy. super phone. Iphone people just too close minded to accept better has come. My money for android products. Works great with my pc too. Don't have money to waste on apple overpriced products which is nothing special at all.

  • android is low priced and better tech.

  • The Android has a better and more comfortable layout and design than the crummy iPhone's. iPhone's are too expensive for what they're worth, crash more often, and doesn't really add any new features with each new phone except getting bigger, which is not what I want. I have my GS5 with me and that's the perfect size. If I wanted I could just buy an iPad Air for less money.

  • It lets you open the back part, so if you were to get a water damage, you could use rice, for example, to fix the phone. iPhone doesn't let you open the back.

  • Android is way more flexible than iOS making it more productive and useful than iOS . believe me I have had an iPad, a windows phone and an android . in these Windows was the worst as there were no official apps in the appstore for the most common sites like dropbox!!. An iPad had problem pairing with any of my devices and there was no expandable storage for it. Of them android was the most satisfying as it was the most flexible os among them. I could share files and videos without any teouble .

  • worse os, worse protection, worse producing company, worse hardware... i could go on and on

  • The proof is in the pudding. The latest version of Apple's iPhone has features already utilized in Android devices. Apple is attempting to remain relevant but in reality they do not have a clue as to what innovation is nor what its base wants in a smartphone device.

    Posted by: TQ4
  • I phone normalcy but NOT 4

  • Android as many more options and the higher end phones have better specs than apples

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wn says2013-09-07T03:03:41.2024491-05:00
Also, the Galaxy S4.
SPENCERJOYAGE14 says2013-11-20T13:46:35.2394653-06:00
*Sigh* what's a phone. :P JK!
Ben_Franklin_II says2014-02-01T18:39:24.2326844-06:00
Everythings proprietary on that apple crap. You cant even take out your own battery FFS. They do have better apps on the apple. To me they're girlie phones with theyri pink accesories and leapord skin covers and all that shet. I'd take either one though it doesn't matter-the phone carriers for both of them still fist you equally hard.
1harderthanyouthink says2014-02-25T22:55:54.3680981-06:00
1harderthanyouthink says2014-02-25T22:57:44.6994793-06:00
@ipyroball Android phones have Google Play Store.

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