Will the USA become second to China in terms of power?

Posted by: 124275

  • No

  • Yes

64% 16 votes
36% 9 votes
  • USA will always be number one in terms of power and global influence. China has yet to step out of the East Asian bubble and become a dominating world power. I would say the only country that comes closer to the US level of influence would be Russia.

  • Pretty sure that America is number one in terms of world power today. We'd curb-stomp China in a land war.

  • The United States of America has a very sustainable economy, is the world's largest massive military power, and has likely the largest amount of political power in foreign affairs among the developed and undeveloped world.

  • China is expected to run out of drinkable water by 2025 because of pollution, they are currently in one of the biggest marketing bubbles in the last century, and have half the military of the US, they will not pass the US.

    Posted by: Fernyx
  • America and its people are an absolute joke to the majority of the rest of the world. With the reelection of Bush who had completely fabricated all reason for invading Iraq while the country was still in shock from 9/11, our government shut down, and trumps campaign let alone his election, we have proven ourselves to be both dangerous and unpredictable. My country on the world stage is like a screaming madman on the streets who everyone is afraid to offend because he has a gun. Dangerous, and no one really likes them but don't dare to offend or ignore them because who knows when they might go off. The question is not if the US will lose power but when.

    Posted by: Arget
  • Certainly, America is far ahead of China in terms of being a superpower- at the moment. However, the economic stagnation that America faces gives China a huge chance to overtake them, and honestly, to me it's a matter of when China overtakes America not a matter of whether China will overtake America. Sure, America will cling on to its military strength- but in today's world, big deal. We're not under any real threat. Trump's casual treatment of nukes will temporarily make the world uncomfortable about military strength, but after him, what matters is economic power.

  • Watching how China is growing, China don't necessarily want to be the first in power, but I believe within the next 50 years China will surpass America.

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Arget says2016-12-24T22:34:24.0626717Z
"We'd curb-stomp China in a land war." China has 4x our population, and if motivated would be more willing to die to harm the other side than americans. We might win in the air and sea, but in a land war without WMDs, we would lose.
BlargArgNarg says2016-12-24T22:39:39.5470072Z
Quality over quantity, and by land war I meant a war with out nuclear weapons and world ending weapons.
saltzr says2016-12-26T02:58:39.6726175Z
It's hard to say. The equation more people = more power is far from scientific fact. Key also to account for is institutions. American institutions are undergoing (and largely succeeding) under an incredible amount of pressure (terrorism, economic disaster, racial/social fabric conflict). Most other nations would be hobbled by simply one of these. America has taken on all three within a span of two decades largely in stride. Power always undulates as well. Will there be a point were China overtakes America in relative strength? Sure. Is it sustainable? I can't say for certain.

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