Would you kill ten strangers to save your best friend?

Posted by: The.Defiance

You're faced with a trolley problem of sorts. You are in a car with your best friend when the brakes fail to work. You can turn one way, killing your friend and injuring yourself, or the other way, killing ten pedestrians who are all strangers to you. You must make a choice or you, your friend and the ten strangers will all die.

28 Total Votes

Kill your best friend

And injure yourself but save the ten strangers.
17 votes

Kill ten strangers

But save yourself and your best friend.
11 votes
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MEMERDANK says2018-04-08T17:21:40.0132957Z
Push my friend out of the car and drive off the bridge.
Mister_Man says2018-04-10T02:00:14.5667159Z
It depends, how many of the strangers are 18-25yo attractive women?
BronzeBeast545 says2018-04-11T18:42:09.6284605Z
I would steer the car towards the bridge then me and my friend would jump out of the car.
jjgomezcanton says2018-04-12T21:52:56.9054578Z
I'd rather not do anything based on the purpose of fate, if my friend is the one that is going to die I am not going to sacrifice 10 people to save him, and neither would I sacrifice my best friend to save another 10 people. If I just let it happen the will die, but if I do something regardless of who I save I would have killed the other/others
Occidendum says2018-06-08T05:39:06.0225992Z
I would kill far more than 10 to save my best friend. Hundreds or thousands

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