Would you still be doing your current job if money is not an issue anymore?

Posted by: rowdyrock

Curious to see how many people will still continue to do the same job if money is not an issue anymore i. E. , Whatever you get paid today in your current role will be given to you automatically. .

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MyacronymissimplyCEE says2020-02-14T20:24:03.0092628Z
What is a "job"? More importantly, Restated for the hard of thinking: In the country, Where the State will feed, Clothe, House and inoculate you, If you aren't worried about what The Other thinks. . . What's a "job"?
smokey0990 says2020-02-16T02:03:01.2989480Z
Wow finally a decent poll question. Too bad anybody with half a brain left this site a long time ago.

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