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Impeaching Trump - does it will divide or unite AMERICA?


I think it unites the ppl, More and more ppl are seeing what he is doing the office, I don't understand how a person can lie this much to the public and still surprised to see many Americans believes his lies. It has nothing to do with being Republican or Democrat why a political party is lining up behind a man who so far did nothing for the country, What he does is tweet all-day he pull out from the Paris agreement on climate change which was a major step back, He backstab Kurds the US ally o...

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Going to MARS is a good idea?


IF we can able to build a small society in MARS we will have so many advantage in long run. First life on earth is so fragile there are number of real scenarios exist which can wipe out life on earth. So having a mars colony will reduce that risk. Second MARS could become a lunching platform to explore for more habitable planet and we don"t have to worry about over population if we manage to find a suitable planet Third Mars colony comes with so much challenges which could help us to loo...

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FACEBOOK should be under strict control


Facebook is monitoring every single aspect of your life and without your consent they are using this bulk data collection to influence your opinion, Stuff to buy etc. IF it is not under strict control on what they can monitor and what they can"t eventually Facebook will become so powerful that eventually we will have no control over our own opinion. IF you say baby product or dog food couple of times in day FB will start to show that ads and FB is tracking where your going what your doing how...

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School District system should be abolished


Students are allowed to go to a schools in a school district and if you live in not a nice neighborhood, How a student get out from this system? So what the school district does is just creating two types of citizens. When you"re living in a bad hood and your growing up your not seeing any bright side of life you see the same thing when your in school so what is the point of having this system? It should be abolished and every student should get the right to go to any school he/she wants. I dunn...

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Artificial Intelligence " Next step of Evolution


AI is considered by some very dangerous and by others something which could help humanity, As PRO I believe AI will be good for the future and they will eventually replace or we slowly fully integrate into AI. And possibly humanity will slowly fade into some digital memories. As humans we are not perfect, Our leadership is corrupt, We been lied to by cooperates a middle-class human being work the majority of his/her lifetime without ever being really happy. Meanwhile, An elite few enjoy everythi...

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