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Christianity is probably the one true religion.


As the con i will be arguing that Christianity is is just as likely to be true as other religions are which would make it an arbitrary decision as no reason or system is used to choose a religion. i think its emotional because our emotions or conscience is congruent with what we have been told which is to say that the conscience or emotions consist of vague reminiscences of precepts heard in early youth. people think that using the conscience or emotions is logical but as they consist of what yo...

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do murderers in general deserve death?


I would like to argue that murderers in general dont deserve death. my opponent will have to be ready to argue that most murderers deserve to die. they took a life so they should lose theirs. an eye for an eye? cant wait to go over other possibilities with whoever accepts this. round one: acceptance speech with a short summery of what you will be arguing which should be that murderers generally deserve to die or that this is a sufficient punishment. round 2-4: arguing explaining our argu...

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The Church uses fear to gain believers and has no evidence of it's doctrines


As the negative, I would like to contend that there is no evidence of the Church's beliefs and that the Church does not use fear to convert people. I will present my arguments in this way: Round 1- Overview of my position Round 2-Arguments and rebuttals Round 3- Any necessary rebuttals and a conclusion. Before I begin, I would like to wish my opponent the best of luck. First, my definitions. The Church is a reference to the Catholic Church as a whole, it's doctrines are it's beliefs...

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virtue... knowledge or speculation?


hi friend. this debate is about whether or not most people KNOW right from wrong. i do believe in objective morality i just dont believe that most people know it and not just because they disagree with me but because they disagree with each other. people in other countries have completely different moralities than ours. the consensus here is not the consensus in a lot of other places and times. now if an american veteran here is considered to be a hero and is considered to be a criminal else...

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are most people credulous?


i went out of town last weekend and just got back in. i left my computer at home on accident. so needless to say i was unable to give my rebuttals. id like to run this one back. i dont think i need to prove that people are too ready to believe just about anything like my last opponent (Will22) tried to make everybody think. the definition of credulous is having or showing too great of readiness to believe THINGS. this means that if they are too ready to believe two things then they are credulous...

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