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About Me:I am not what i am. I am not a man, but twice a man I am not evil, but not good either I am not someone who thinks he can
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Books:James rollins books are nice. Robert Ludlum is also a good author.
Movies:Studio Jibli movies are nice.
Music:J-pop music are nice
Quotes:"Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it." -Buddha
Sports Teams:I dont watch sports, but i like sports teams.
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Dota 2 is better than League of Legends.


This is a challenge for tkubok, who asked me for the debate and added:"I think Dota2 is superior to LoL :)".The resolution should be interpreted as better or superior in quality of the videogame.I'm against the resolution and the BoP is on Pro. I only have to disprove his arguments to win the debate.Pro is allowed and encouraged to start his arguments in the first round considering the BoP.The last round should not have new arguments. Only a conclusion or summary.Good Luck Have Fun....

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Science proves God's existance


"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind." -Albert Einstein Evolution, the Big Bang, and other theories are clearly disproven by themselves. For anything like these to originate, it would require a power that we humans cannot comprehend. Evolution claims that every creature on the planet evolved from a similar ancestor, but where could it have started? The dirt, perhaps? How could you create life from an inanimate object without a being such as God? The simple an...

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polygamous marriage is more meritorious than gay marriage, and if we allow gay we should polygamous


really, gay marriage doesn't in itself presuppose polygamous marriage. but it does open the question...if we are willing to forgo tradition and allow gay marriage... why not just reexamine marriage altogher? why keep marriage defined between two loving people? Polygamists just need to say "why only two?" Europe and Canada have massive polygamy campaigns. And, it's well known that mormons had and in some sects still do multiple marriages... and if you look in histoiry, it's not without basis i...

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Atheists are not logically and reasonably justified in their disbelief of a Christian God


Hi, I've always wanted to debate this, but I've never had much time until now.So, the contention is, "Atheists are not logically and reasonably justified in their disbelief of a Christian God".Lets get a few definitions out of the way.Atheism: The disbelief or non-belief in a God or Gods.(1)Christian God: Specifically the God as presented in the KJV bible.Pro must show how the belief in God is reasonable and logically justifiable enough for Atheists to believe that God exists. Con must show how...

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Is There A Large Body Of Evidence To Support Evolution?


Intro:While scrolling about the wonderful world of DDO forums, I came upon a comment by tkubok stating that there is a "large body" of evidence to support evolution. [1] This being a claim I have often heard amongst evolutionists, I was immediately overcome with the irresistable desire to debate tkubok on such a subject.[1] by his forum posts, tkubok seems to be an individual confident in the theory of evolution and I judge...

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Federal ReserveN/S
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Free TradeN/S
Gay MarriageN/S
Global Warming ExistsN/S
Gold StandardN/S
Gun RightsN/S
Internet CensorshipN/S
Iran-Iraq WarN/S
Labor UnionN/S
Legalized ProstitutionN/S
Medicaid & MedicareN/S
Medical MarijuanaN/S
Military InterventionN/S
Minimum WageN/S
National Health CareN/S
National Retail Sales TaxN/S
Occupy MovementN/S
Progressive TaxN/S
Racial ProfilingN/S
Smoking BanN/S
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Social SecurityN/S
Stimulus SpendingN/S
Term LimitsN/S
United NationsN/S
War in AfghanistanN/S
War on TerrorN/S

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